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Whether it is an all-vinyl interior or vinyl complementing cloth or leather, most cars have some vinyl in their interiors. In addition to the largest cloth inventory in the business, SMS also has the largest vinyl inventory. We stock all colors and all grains for American cars of any vintage. As with our cloth inventory, if for some reason we do not have the vinyl you need, we have the capability to acquire it or make nearly every factory correct vinyl in-house. Fill out our Sample Request Form to get samples for your car.

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Specialty Vinyl Production

We have spent considerable effort designing our own equipment to remake rare older vinyls that are no longer available. SMS has invested in the tools necessary to manufacture vinyl in most original factory grains, colors, and patterns; including even the most obscure.

Any color of vinyl you request can be made available. We have many customers who request a specific and unique color that is not original; often this is to match a custom paint color. Our capability extends beyond remaking original factory vinyl, and we have the ability to match any color and most patterns the customer may request. We can produce an infinite number of different vinyls with our coloring and graining capabilities.