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SMS has by far the largest classic auto upholstery inventory in the industry. Our warehouses stock several million yards of cloth for all American cars from the 1930s through the 2000s. Our cloths are both original and factory-match reproductions made exclusively for SMS.  Fill out our Sample Request Form to get samples for your car.

Specialty Weaving

SMS has recreated over 1,000 unique automobile fabrics over the years. For many rare American and foreign cars, the original body cloth no longer exists anywhere. While we have remade many of these original patterns, we frequently are asked to recreate fabrics that have not yet been made.

If your auto fabric falls into this category, we are able to help. Our team will work to remake any fabric possible, regardless of original make and model. We put each new fabric through a rigorous design process to ensure replication as near to original as possible. This, as with other custom work, is often a time consuming process so we always recommend you start your interior restoration as early as possible in case you need or want our specialty weaving services.